Get Thyme's Premium Features

Apart from all the standard features in Thyme you'll get powerful new abilities to supercharge your time tracking.

Premium Subscription

Includes premium features:

Start, stop, and change your running timer from any device
Unlimited Data Syncing
Hourly Project Rates
Daily Insights
Pricing Reports
...more to come soon

What's included in the subscription?

Start and Stop running timers from any device

You can control the current running timer from any logged in device. Making it really easy to change what you're working on anywhere.

Start your timer from your computer. Later stop the timer on your phone while you're away. Never loosing what you are registering.

Two logged in devices updating automatically

Unlimited Encrypted Backups and Syncing

Without a premium subscription your data will not get saved on the server. Making syncing across devices not possible.

Get a subscription and you will have unlimited synced data no matter how old the entered data is, across all your devices.

All data is stored in an encrypted format. Which means no-one cannot view your data but you, even if it were to leak out into the world.

Add Hourly Rates to Projects

You're already keeping time you spent on projects, add an hourly rate and you'll see what you earned on projects in a blink of the eye.

Oh, and you use the currency you prefer to use on your reports and rates.

Total Price of Projects on Reports

Perfect for when it's time to bill the client and you need to have an overview of what to charge.

Creating invoices will be a lot easier. Your reports now also list the total price of the project of the selected date range.

Daily Insights

Added to the reports page is a graph with daily logged insights. This gives you a good idea of where your time is spent, and what it's spent on.

Analyse where your hours working are spent on doing and get a grip on your time.

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